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Bethany Renée Williams

Maren Altman

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Marketing Genius and Innovative Creativity collide to create one of the brightest minds fueling the growth marketing and strategy behind many of the worlds largest celebrities and influencers. Bethany held roles as CMO, Head of Growth, and Lead Marketing Strategist before officially launching Coffeefueled Agency in 2015.

Bethany has generated millions of dollars in revenue for her clients over 10+ years creating new products and strategies that had never before been seen. She's leaving a legacy in her path with brands that can be viewed on her agency's website here.

"I am ready to take on tech, I had this brilliant idea when I began working with Maren. It all started as a growth strategy campaign but then I realized it could be so much more as I began to develop the campaign. I saw a market need that no one knew needed to be filled and we had the perfect complimentary skillsets to fill it. So I spoke to some colleagues in tech, explained the concept and got idea validation. Marketing SaaS is the obvious next step in my future." - Bethany

Though she’s been studying astrology for most of her life, she’s also been a part of the professional community itself for almost a decade now, increasingly a part of things such as conferences and collaborations in recent years. She’s built her practice and brand upon a quality product of knowledge and education. Currently working on her PhD to further her knowledge, she has talent in spotting what trends the spiritual community at large are entering into and how to incorporate that into building a successful brand.

Learn more about Maren's brand here.

"Grounding the “woo” is my passion. I see the potential and undeniable impact of spiritual and alternative industries in today’s world. That foresight combined with my entrepreneurial eye and Bethany’s incredible acumen, can empower millions and change the nature of spiritual business altogether. Never before has it been more necessary to put power into the hands of alternative industries, and with direct awareness of the need to solve this gap in the market, Bethany and I offer the perfect duo to do so." - Maren


What is stelliumX?

Imagine a world where you only need one software, meaning one payment monthly, and you are granted access to a suite of marketing products that are so meticulously crafted you'd swear they were made specifically for you. From templates, to funnels, to lead capture software. No stone will be left unturned. No existing SaaS is safe from the StelliumX overhaul. Interested in specifics on what exactly we plan to do? What these mysterious marketing products may be? Book a pitch meeting!

StelliumX is the Future of Marketing.


We aim to:

1. Cut the costs of marketing software

2. Provide more value within a single solution

3. Make marketing easier to understand for small businesses and brands

4. Create tailor-made solutions for businesses within the alt industry

StelliumX will be a B2B SaaS Suite of Products


Our product is for the business owners and creators who struggle to understand marketing and have the potential to make so much more $$$ if they had a software tailored to their industry.

StelliumX will Simplify Marketing


If we can't raise everyone's knowledge level of marketing we will bring marketing to a level that every person can understand. No business, brand, or creator should lose money because they don't understand marketing and can't afford an agency to assist them.

Will you join us in overthrowing the status quo of SaaS?

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